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Ioannis Z. Gitas, Mouflis, G., Mitri, G. H., Tsakalidis, S. G., Iliadou, S., and Minakou, H., Assessment of the impact of forest fires and marble quarries on the environment of Thasos island, Proceedings of the International Conference Landscape Architecture and New Technologies 2007 (LANT07) Eleftheriadis N. Styliadis A., PaliokasI. (Eds). Drama, Greece, pp. 259-274, 2007.
G. H. Mitri and Ioannis Z. Gitas, Mapping post-fire vegetation regeneration using EO-1 Hyperion, Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop of the EARSeL Special Interest Group on Forest Fires: Towards an Operational Use of Remote Sensing in Forest Fire Management, Editors: Ioannis Z. Gitas and Cesar Carmona-Moreno. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, pp. 242-245, 2007.
A. I. Polychronaki, Ioannis Z. Gitas, and Mitri, G. H., The development of object-based classification models for burned area mapping using ASTER imagery, Proceedings of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society (RSPSoc) Annual Conference 2006, Understanding a Changing World: Integrated Approaches to Monitoring, Measuring and Modelling the Environment. Cambridge, UK , p. unpaginated CDROM, 2006.
G. H. Mitri and Ioannis Z. Gitas, Fire type mapping using object-based classification of Ikonos imagery, International Journal of Wildland Fire, vol. 15, no. 4, p. 457, 2006.
Ioannis Z. Gitas, Mitri, G. H., Kazakis, G. V., Ghosn, D. R., and Xanthopoulos, G., Fuel type mapping in Anopolis, Crete by employing QuickBird imagery and object-based classification, Forest Ecology and Management, vol. 234, p. S228, 2006.
G. H. Mitri and Ioannis Z. Gitas, Fire type mapping using object-based classification of IKONOS imagery., 5th International workshop on Remote Sensing and GIS Applications to Forest Fire Management: Fire Effects Assessment. Juan de la Riva, Fernando Perez-Cabello and Emilio Chuvieco (Editors). Zaragoza (Spain), pp. 162-167, 2005.